Toth is an empire that is beginning to get ambitions on taking over more of the world. The centre of the Tothian Empire is the crater-city Toth. Built upon a mine that goes through the entire world (not as impressive on Moebius) it is vastly rich.

It is led by several Grand Families including the royal line – The Tarth. The emperor is a living saint and representative of The Eye – the principle God of the Tothians. The Tarth are devas reborn into a new body anywhere on Moebius they are quickly returned to Toth to rule. The Emperor, Davendithas Tarth, wears the Crown of Eyes, a powerful artefact that can see through lies to the truth beneath all things. It resembles a large, living eyeball (with fancy bits). The grand families each have their own magical tattoos. Lesser families have lesser ones that are weaker.

Toth use slave labour in their mines, agriculture and armies. Slaves belong to a lower class in Toth and no Citizen of Toth can marry one. Rarely a slave may be elevated to citizen. While citizens have no personal rights compared to citizens any damage done to them is damage to the property of another citizen. All slaves are makred with the brand of their owner. This is a magical bond.

Using Star Metal from the mines Toth has been able to extend their influence over vast areas of Moebius. Their access to this rare material has allowed to create aeroliths to use in furthering thie goals.

Currently they are pushing their interests in The Frontier in an effort to get more access to wood so they can create a fleet capable of dealing with the pirates of Freecity and The Grotto.

They mainly use diplomacy and trade to keep the Twelve Duchies in line.

They are very keen to do away with the dwarvern mining companies on the other side of the world. The Blue Sky Mining Company and Red Hill Mining Concern are to be crushed by whatver means necessary.


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