the Sand

A crystalline life form. The Sand were the oldest race on Moebius. Some claim they built it or fashioned it from magic. But during the Great War with the elves they were all destroyed in the final battle.

But they had secreted some newly created Hearth Crystals throughout the Desert of Tears which, after a hundred or so years, grew to maturity and began their race over again. But these Sand are cut off from their aancient heritage and the knowledge that the older hearth crystal kept. In fact many are insane due to lack of care and the schism of the war. They produce only mad Sand who are beserkers that live only to fight and kill.

A once noble people who have fallen into madness and darkness.

But there are a few more noble hearths that are looking to rebuild. They want to rehabilitate the rogue hearths and bring their nation back.

the Sand

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