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Moebius is a unique world in that it takes the form of a Moebius Strip. A twisted cylinder that has only one side. About 2 miles thick and a thousand wide. The world is highly magically charged and contained in a small plane of existence surrounded by swirling energy fields in the dark night. It’s small, magical sun has an eccentric orbit that nevertheless maintains a typical day/night cycle and seasons and a series of small moons allow for tidal action.

The magic that sustains Moebius comes from the Maelstrom which is a seething plane of energy that all but seals Moebius off from the rest of the Multiverse. The Gods access this energy and give it to followers while Arcanists access it directly. The parasitic devils feed off the maelstrom in perverted fashion; often lending ritual knowledge to mortals in order to feed off the flow of arcane energy from the Maelstrom. In this manner they feed themselves and bind mortals to them while lending the mortal power. Demons are creatures that live on the edge of space, nearest the collapsed walls between Moebius’ universe and the Maelstrom. They are insane and destructive and come to Moebius most often to cause great harm.

Elves do not exist in Moebius, anymore. Neither do any of their brethren. They used to but they were all killed in a war with the Sand. Few Sand remain and they are a broken race.

There is no Feywild or Shadowfell but there are neighbouring realities that are like them in the many regards. The are the Primal Land and the Wasteland. Their nature is difficult to understand and they are hard to reach.

The geometry of Moebius makes for interesting political situations. Generally places have only 2 real neighbours but there are some places where travel is possible through shortcuts. The Great Falls, The mines of Toth or the Black/White Tower. All of these have their own dangers. More often people make use of regular vehicular travel or teleportation circles.

Major communities and geographical areas are Toth, the 12 Duchies, the Desert of Tears, Freecity, The Grotto, The Summer Isles, The Twisted Seas, Flotsam, Cog, Corpus, The Barrens, The Great Rift, the Land of the Dead, the Necropolis, the Frontier, The Great Forest, the Forest of Glass, the Twin Citadels, Tempest, The Crucible, Fulcrum and many unnamed places in between.

Main Page

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