12 Duchies

Primarily led by humans orginally they’ve lately become home to every race on Moebius (well, all the nice ones anyway). Humans dominate but there are many more elemental humans than previously.

The 12 duchies are each led by a duke or duchess. Most are hereditary but some hold elections.

  • Fulani – Mostly nomadic traders. Hold several key strongholds.
  • Arrente – Beloved for art, fashion and decadence. Great fighting schools.
  • Tuolong – Miners, craftspeople. Dwarves love a bit of it.
  • Ilba Delta – Trade, fishing, glassworks. Heaps of halflings, gnomes.
  • Arawal Plains – Grazing/farming land.
  • Forestside – Near the Great Forest. Ravaged by druids.
  • Wardsridge – A protective mountain range helps keep monsters at bay. Lead by dragonborn corps. Takes tribute for protective duties.
  • Yorta Vale – Dominated by a huge, lush valley.
  • Flamesborough – Harvests elemental flame. Makes soap, lye, potash. Occasionally catches fire. Elementals, dragonborn.
  • Gods’ Haven – Quite proud of their shrines, temples and piety.
  • Timbera – Nothing to do with wood.
  • Eroa – Nothing special about them. Homes the Hush Estate.

There is no ruler of the whole duchies. They are held together diplomatically, economically, geologically and traditionally. Any of those (maybe not geology) may change.

12 Duchies

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